Colenso – Volume 2


January 2011

·         Misspelt Maori placenames

·         Cookeina colensoi

·         Mme Vitelli, the inimitable Thatcher and Billy K’lenso

·         Victoria Summer Scholar studies Colenso’s lexical legacy


February 2011

·         Penzance missionary-botanist printed New Testament in Maori tongue

·         The botanist in Sikkim

·         Pioneer women

·         Colenso plaque at Mokai Station

·         Ahuriri pioneers and others

·         Cavellia colensoi

·         A few remarks on the hackneyed quotation of “Macaulay’s New Zealander”

·         A trampers guide to Colenso Country Part Two


March 2011

·         Manoao colensoi

·         Ridley Latimer Colenso (1845-1926)

·         William Colenso 1811-1899

·         The Colenso Memorial, Napier

·         Gottfried Lindauer and his Colenso portrait

·         A trampers guide to Colenso Country (Part 3)


April 2011

·         “Beastly” – Colenso censored

·         Vandalism on Napier Hill

·         The oenophile

·         Following the Footsteps of William Colenso: William Howlett

·         Colenso and Chevalier Gustav Schmidt

·         Acphylla colensoi Hook.f.

·         The Adventures of a Surveyor in New Zealand

·         X rays

·         Memorial Envelopes 1958 and 1968


May 2011

·         Relics of the First New Zealand Press

·         Colenso and the lady flow painters: Sarah Ann Featon and Georgina Burne Hetley

·         The educationalist speaks….

·         Colenso’s comet

·         How do you say Colenso in Maori


June 2011

·         Colenso: on how Trees Can Save us and Keep us Sane…

·         Intimations of mortality from a Sunday in Waipuk

·         Colenso: a coin Collector

·         Dunbar Sloane Auction

·         The Swabey Collection

·         Following the Footsteps of William Colenso: Norman Elder

·         Trichomanes colensoi

·         Willie’s skills ….(from Papers Past)

·         Have you seen this book?


July 2011




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